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Heal, create and release

You are always okay

We are all on a journey to become the best and most whole version of ourselves and the road of life has many twists and turns. Sometimes, we can uncover a really deep truth or insight that changes how we see the world in a subtle or a profound way. This happened to me...

Five soothing crystals for anxiety and stress

Blue Calcite Blue calcite is one of my favourite crystals and usually ends up on any crystal list that I am doing because it is so calming. It is a beautiful soft blue colour and is soothing on the emotional body. It helps those who are energetically sensitive to...

5 crystals for meditation

I love crystals. I have always been fascinated with them and have acquired lots of them over the years, in various sizes and colours, and they are scattered all over my house, in my meditation room and in my garden. Some crystals have a noticeable effect on me, but...

Getting off autopilot

Do you ever go to do something and then when you get there you can’t remember what it was that you wanted to do? Or log onto your computer to send an email and then when you start to read your emails you find yourself responding to others and then after 30 minutes to...

How we see the world

The mind, constantly reframes what it sees to fit its perception of reality. The mind does this by focusing on the details, judging them, fitting them with past experience, anticipating how the future will be and then attaching meaning. The whole process is run and...

Three techniques for anxiety

We all suffer from anxiety from time to time and for some of us this can become chronic. You may think of yourself as someone that is pretty resilient and generally not anxious, but I bet if you took an honest look at your thoughts and feelings you would see a lot of...

“I wanted to personally thank you for this beautiful summit.  I came to it with a feeling of desperation about the state of the world, and have left with a perspective of hope and joyfulness about the positive changes that we are manifesting and ways in which can participate.  I loved every single speaker and will be following up with some of them via books, websites and classes … Thanks for reconnecting me with my internal source of insight.  But there was something inspiring about every speaker, and about You!!!”

“Thank you so much for these past 6 sessions – you gave of yourself unconditionally, gracefully and beautifully – what a great role model to follow. Definitely synchronicity for me!”

“This is such an amazing Summit!!!  Every speaker is incredible and inspiring.  I just finished watching Rollin McCraty  and was mesmerized – brilliant!  I am looking forward to watching every speaker and thank you for your vision to create this and offer it free!”

“I just want to say thank you again to Julia and the amazing group last week! Our intentions had such an effect on my heart chakra and left me feeling uplifted that I subsequently came up with a plan of how to go forward in a way that supports ME. There are truly no limits to what we can achieve with focused energy!”

“Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”
– Rumi



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