I love crystals. I have always been fascinated with them and have acquired lots of them over the years, in various sizes and colours, and they are scattered all over my house, in my meditation room and in my garden. Some crystals have a noticeable effect on me, but not all of them.

I bought a Shungite bracelet recently. Shungite is an amazing crystal that contains fullerenes – molecules with powerful healing and cleansing qualities. You can put Shungite crystals in water to purify the water before drinking (and in my opinion the water really does taste different). It also helps to inhibit Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs), so ideal in this day and age where we are literally bombarded with wireless microwaves everywhere. When I bought the bracelet, I had been wearing it for a couple of hours and I took it off to let my son wear it. I immediately felt a sense of loss and kept reaching down to my wrist to see what was missing as I really felt different without it (needless to say I bought a second one and now we both have one)!

I also use crystals for meditation because they can have a really powerful effect sometimes on settling me down and allowing me to drop into a much deeper meditative state. If you have a busy mind (like most of us do) they can make a big difference. Some of my favourites are listed below with their attributes taken from Robert Simmons’ Book of Stones.

Blue Calcite

All of the calcites are incredibly soothing, calming stones and I have a large piece of Madagascan blue calcite that is my absolute favourite. When I meditate with this I tend to go really deep quickly. Blue calcite is soothing on the emotional body and it helps those who are energetically sensitive to relax. It provides a cocoon of blue spiritual light which wraps around the auric field of those who sit with or carry the stone.

Blue Calcite is is good for screening out negative or unpleasant energies. It helps with creativity, easing the flow of ideas, and is used to clear the throat chakra. It is generally calming to the emotions and can help you release stress and have a more optimistic outlook.


Green Calcite

Green Calcite is a stone of relaxation and emotional balance. It releases stress and resentment and helps you to connect with the heart. It is refreshing to the etheric body and cools the fiery emotions of frustration, anger and irritability. It clears the heart of stress and other psychic debris and helps you to be more in tune with nature, plants and animals.

When you meditate with it, it helps to quieten the endlessly chattering voice of the egoic mind so that you can step into that place of full awareness of all that is. It enables you to facilitate deep relaxation and release stress. It helps you to focus on the heart.

If you carry it with you it can help you feel calm and clear throughout the day.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a stone of light and is probably one of the most versatile stones in the crystal realm. In meditation it can be used to help with intention, to allow you to focus on and complete any goal you wish to reach. Sitting in meditation, think about what it is that you would like to intend or manifest and see it clearly in your mind’s eye. As you hold that image of your desired outcome, the quartz will amplify the energy psychically, enabling you to focus clearly on what you want to achieve and bring that to you. If you practice this regularly with the same crystal you will find synchronicities start to occur. This is because is the most programmable crystal there is and it can really help you to hold the pattern of energy long enough for your desired outcome to occur.

Quartz can also be used to amplify the energy of other stones and so it can be used in conjunction or partnership with other crystals to blend with or enhance their energy. It can also be used for pretty much any metaphysical purpose, like healing, opening chakras, enhancement of meditation and dreaming, increasing energy, consciousness expansion. However, because it is such a magnifier of whatever energies surround it, it can collect a lot of psychic debris and should be cleansed regularly.


Amethyst is a member of the quartz family, recognisable for its incredible purple colour. It has been prized for its beauty and energies for thousands of years. It is the stone that most people are attracted to when the first start their journey with crystals and the mineral kingdom.

In meditation it stimulates the crown chakra and helps to quieten and still your thoughts so you can move into a higher state of consciousness. It clears your energy field of negative influences and attachments and can provide a shield around you so that you have the space to go deeper. It stimulates the higher mind and brain function through the third eye, crown and higher chakras.

It can clear your energy field of negative influences and can ward off negative energy in your environment. If you place Amethyst crystals around your home or meditation space, it can make you feel as though you are protected by a bubble of light – protecting you and the space you are in. If you are ill, keep a stone near you to maintain a healing space.


Moonstone is said to be a stone of mystery, self-discovery, intuition, insight, dreams and the goddess. It was named because of its soft blue-white sheen. It was used in Roman jewellery 2,000 years ago and has always been a sacred stone in India.

Moonstone is considered to be a very feminine stone – attuned to feminine energy (in both men and women). It is a talisman for inwards journeys and ideal for meditation where it can take you deep into yourself. It is said to show what is missing in your life, parts of you that have been forgotten or left behind, or a path that you need to take, so ideal to meditate with when you feel as though something is missing or you would like to ask yourself which direction to take. Moonstone evokes patience and appropriate action and is a powerful stone for psychic awareness and intuition.

It has been used for centuries to connect to the power of the moon – the tides and rhythms that are always present. It therefore helps us to connect to and pay attention to the cycles of our own lives so that we can learn from and celebrate our own cycles and successes.

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